Formula UFABET can play unlimited

Formula UFABET can play unlimited 24 hours.
Formula UFABET can play unlimited 24 hours.

Formula UFABET can play unlimited 24 hours.

Formula UFABET Today, we will explain the rules of playing football and the duration of the football match. Because there are many members Would like us to recommend this issue Because some players still have many misunderstandings

 Today is the opportunity, so we would like to use this opportunity.

In order to be a spokesman for explaining football rules and the duration of football matches, I believe that all the problems will be eliminated. Come to solve the problems and understand each other. Here, this website can get started.

Football playing rules

In football, there are 17 universal rules that are used in football around the world. The rules may be modified for kids and girls football, 90-120 meters long and 70-90 meters wide.

The perimeter of the long side is called the “perimeter”, while the perimeter of the wide side is called the “goal line”.

The crossbar is centered on the goal line at a height of 2.44 meters (8 feet) above The ground And the goal posts shall be 7.4 meters (8 yards) apart,

the columns and crossbar must be white

The net will be stretched behind the door. However, the goal net is not specified in the International Rules. In front of the door is the penalty area. Which shows the area where the goalkeeper can hold the ball And still used to penalty kicks
Competition period

The match is divided into two halves, each 45 minutes by half. The match time is counted all the time.

Even if the football was kicked off the field and the referee ordered to stop playing Between half, there will be a break of 15 minutes.

The directors will control the time.

And will compensate for the injury at the end of each half to compensate for the lost time During play When the match is over, the referee will blow the whistle to stop the match in the league match.

 There will be a match ending for a draw result. But for matches that need to know the losing results, there will be extra time Which consists of 2 halves of 15 minutes each.

If the scores are still tied then a penalty kick will be given (Regarding penalty kicks, people have researched which team kicked first, with a higher win percentage than the team that kicked later)

The International Football Association Committee has tried to determine the form of scoring in the overtime, known as the Golden Goals, with the team that scores first in the overtime will win the match and Silver Goal

The team that scores the lead at the end of the first half will win the match. The Golden Goal was used in the 1998 World Cup and 2002 World Cup. It was first used in the French national team competition against Paraguay in 1998.

While Silver Gold has been used for the first time in Euro 2004 football, which is currently Golden. And Silver Gold is no longer used ufabet

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